Crunchy dried mealworms.


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These mealworms are imported from The Netherlands and are grown in hygienic conditions purpose-built for the production of human-grade insects.

Mealworms are the larvae of the darkling beetle (Tenebrio Molitor) and are a delicious and healthy addition to many recipes.  Try them in a stir-fry or sprinkled over a salad.  For more recipe ideas visit our Pinterest board.


Nutritional Values  (per 100g)

Energy  1825kJ (436KCal)
Protein (g)  55.43
Fat (g)  18.9
Saturated fat (g)  4.13
Trans Fat (g)  0.092
Cholesterol (mg)  149
Carbohydrates (g)  15.4
Fiber, total dietary (g)  8.7
Sugars  (g)  ND
Ash (g)  4.9
Calcium (g)  0.081
Iron (g)  0.004
Potassium (g)  1.1
Sodium (g)  0.18
Omega-3 (g)  0.297
Omega-6 (g)  7.03
Saturated Fatty Acids (g)  4.13
Cis-monounsaturated (g)  6.48
Cis-polyunsaturated (g)  7.33


Allergy information

Some people with allergies to shellfish may also show sensitivity to edible insects.


Additional information

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