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Welcome to Cornish Edible Insects. As our name suggests, we are a new company that produce edible insects for human consumption, and they're delicious. Right now we're just getting up and running and we're planning a full launch early in 2016, so watch this space. In the meantime you can scroll down for more information or follow the links on the menu bar. If you'd like to get in touch and share your thought on this exciting enterprise do please email us using the Contact page. Dha weles!

    Our Mission

    We believe that a healthy and stimulating diet is not incompatible with sustainability and ecological awareness. Raising insects here in Cornwall is a major contribution to food security and the lowering of environmental impact.

    Why insects?

    Insects are an incredible source of protein and essentially nutrients. Insects typically use up to 20 times less feed to produce and equivalent amount of protein. They also require up to 1000 times less water and produce an infinitesimal amount of greenhouse gasses.

    Right here

    Many healthy alternatives to less sustainable meats such as soya, quinoa, and pulses have to be imported from other countries. This not only increases the environmental cost but also may negatively impact the local economies of those regions. The best and most sustainable practice is, wherever possible, to buy locally grown produce.

About Us

Cornish Edible Insects was started in 2015 with the aim of producing high-quality insects for human consumption. We are based in Cornwall, a county that is already a cornucopia of exciting and unique innovations, not least in food and drink. Cornwall is perfect for an enterprise of this kind. Not only do we have a proud tradition of resourcefulness and innovation but we have an enviable reputation for good food, locally sourced and ethically produced. Cornwall also is a gateway to the world, not only through its thriving visitor industry but also through the high value and visibility of its exports, from mining techniques to pasties, from seaweed to silver.

Our Team

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